Wednesday, 19 December 2012

How a Well-Prepared Roof for Winter Should Be?

The roof is a vital part of anyone's house. The absence of it will allow people to be unprotected from the dangerous ultraviolet rays. Without a roof, the settlers will be wet from the rain, or cold from the strong wind. Last but not the least, a house without a roof is susceptible to ash fall and snow fall. It's like allowing the people living in that house to get sick or even die. A roof unprepared for such weather conditions is just the same with a roofless house. The effect might not be that serious but it will still make them ill.

Winter is the season that most home owners should prepare for since snow weighs the heaviest and is very cold, thus, which can cause the greatest damage to the roofs. People must guarantee that their roofs are ready before the very first snow fall. They must ensure that their roofs are strong, enough to endure even a hailstorm. These are the things that must be inspected.

Is the ceiling well-insulated?

Old houses usually possess those flat, thin roofs where the coldness of the air can easily seep in. Once the snow dries up, it can turn into water which can also cause leaks for a weak thin roof. When snow piles up on such roofs, it can destroy the roof completely. Getting insulation for the ceiling is a good solution to such problems. It adds another layer to your ceiling and can withstand the cold months.

Is the roof a little broken?

Roofs of houses are up there 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week. People are too busy with their everyday lives to notice some small holes or broken shingles that were developed overtime. Ignoring such small imperfections can be the root cause on one's great problem once winter starts. An already damaged roof is weaker and can only be good for a few days during the cold season. Since there are times when snow fall is continuous, which lead these roofs cannot be fixed immediately. It is better to start the inspection of the roof for small damages that can still be fixed. In this way, a big amount of money is also saved.

Is the gutter clear from obstructions?

A gutter's main function is to lead water away from the roofing of the houses and allowing it to safely go down this area without further damage. If there are leaves in the gutter that were left during the fall season and one forgot to get rid of these, then the water and snow will just be stuck on the roof. The heavy snow can just sit there, which will cause a great harm on your roof. To prevent this, one must clear those hindrances to ensure the smooth flow of snow and water.

Is the roof guarded from snow?

In case of slightly-slanted roofs, snow just slides down the slope and were just collected on a spot that can be damaged once the snow sits there for long. In these instances, the aid of a snow guard can be utilized to guarantee that the snow is collected safely in that specific spot and it can be led to the gutter so that it goes away of the roof.

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