Monday, 11 March 2013

A Garden for all Seasons

The admiration and exuberance people give at the sight of a beautiful, well kept and vibrant garden is awesome. Not only does it serve the functional purpose of nutrition but creates an aesthetic appeal that creates a very beautiful environment. A well kept garden compliments the overall look of the house. A garden and the lawn are the first sights to a home thus portray the owner's image. A poorly kept garden relays the same of the owner. It takes a good amount of time, energy, patience and an eye for detail to have your garden flourish and look elegant.

Gardening is one of the basic home improvement ideas as well as a functional hobby. Whether it is a routine maintenance or you want to give your backyard an extreme makeover, it is important to do a bit of research about the plants, vegetables, the soil, climate as well as the weather for your garden to flourish. A garden offers nutrition and beauty. Embracing organic gardening is the best idea to keep the terminal illnesses at bay and making sure only healthy and safe diets are consumed. This will include use of natural manure, organic fertilizer, non synthetic pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. The choice of plants is very diverse but a good mix of herbs and other plants will suffice.

To revitalize and rejuvenate the garden, the soil will need to be tilled and turned over to allow for aeration in the soil. This will be more fun and lively if the children partake in the pruning of the branches, thinning the dry twigs, mulching the soil to prevent excess loss of moisture, watering the garden as they learn more about natural science and enhance biological bonding. Addition of potted plants will make for a quick transformation for the plants that take too long to mature.

A garden being an ornamental piece needs the best and most stylish landscape. This is easily accomplished by arranging a few marbles and rocks here and there, trimming the hedge and clearing the pathways. Landscaping is a matter of the heart but it has to be kept simple and all natural. Potted plants are the easy quick fix solutions. The potted plants bought from the flower shop will be arranged or hanged as per the gardener's tastes and preferences. A good understanding about the plants is an advantage to allow for the right colour blend in any season as well as nutrient and pest attacks on the various plants.

With some persistence, time and patience you will have your garden in tip top condition in no time ready for the tea parties and nutritious meals. Keep in mind it takes some plant species more than a season to mature and flourish so initially the garden will barely exist. Be sure to keep off the pets, pests, the children of the plants especially during the germination stage and regularly water, trim, prune, mow and thin the plants. In no time you soon shall be the envy and talk of the whole neighborhood.

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