Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Knowing Some of The Best Domestic Cleaning Tricks

If you have ever hired a domestic cleaning service to spruce up your apartment or house, no doubt you might be impressed with the tricks they had utilized to clean your home thoroughly and efficiently. These domestic cleaners have the knack to make their work look painfully easy.

Here are some of the best domestic cleaning tricks to help you achieve the same proficiency

How to Live Without Mop or Vacuum

Here's the first technique: Take a few or a bunch of paper towels or napkins. Spray the floor with multipurpose cleaner, and wipe up with the paper towels or napkins. Please note that the wetter the paper towel or napkin, the more likely it is to collect hair, bits of food stuffs, and various types of crumbs that stick to moist, thin wood.

Technique number two: Take an old, clean rag and spray thoroughly with multipurpose cleaner. (You can buy a bag of cheap dishtowels for a buck and discard them after use.) Place the rag on the floor, and move it around with a push broom.

The Importance of Not Using Bleach Disks in Toilets

Bleach disks eat away at the plastic parts in your toilet. If you use bleach disks for a long time, your toilet will just keep running.

Once a week, at night, take the lid off your toilet and pour four cups of vinegar into the tank. Don't pour it in the bowl because every time you flush it will wash the vinegar through the whole system. That's not the idea. If it's in the tank it will keep the bowl smelling nicely (if you like the smell of vinegar). After the first flush, it won't smell like vinegar any more. The vinegar will also keep your water jets open, decreasing the likelihood of a clogged toilet.

Hey Dust, Now It's War!

When you're home looking around during a commercial, do you notice tiny grains on the furniture and dullness everywhere? When you walk through your front door, do you see a kaleidoscope of particles, hair, and dander floating in the air? When you type on the keyboard, do your fingers feel like they're walking on the beach? That, boys and girls, is dust.

A plain paper towel or napkin with multipurpose cleaner also works. Lightly dampen the paper towel with cleaner, and then clean just as you would with a cloth. Never use this method on electronics since the wetness will damage the electronics.

Refrigerator Maintenance

If food is healthy, it will go bad quickly. Most fresh fruits and vegetables are no longer considered fresh after a few days and will be completely spoiled in a week. To accommodate this fact of life, you'll need to clean your refrigerator once a week, every two weeks at the very least, of any/all now unhealthy, spoiled food.

The Baking Soda Myth

An open box of baking soda does nothing to quarantine or dispose of the smell of decaying food. The only thing that keeps your fridge fresh and clean is if you keep it cleaned out. Every six months take everything out. Then wash it from top to bottom with a rag dipped in baking soda and warm water (yes, the baking soda has some good uses). Don't forget to clean the drawers since this is where you find that last piece of sea kelp or lettuce and the leaky soda lake with islands of mold. Once it's completely cleaned, dry the refrigerator with a paper towel.

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