Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Various Methods Of Commercial Joinery In Details

As a matter of fact there are actually several different methods of commercial joinery that you can choose from, be it for a personal project or as a part of your job. It's therefore important that you get to choose the right one for any particular application. If you do not get your joinery right, the overall quality of the work piece may be affected and it may not even last for long. You can thus use the following guide to help you choose the kind of joint for your joinery project, based on the application or the type of wood used.

Basic Butt- This happens to be the simplest method of joining any two pieces of wood. It just involves putting two pieces of wood together so as to form a right angle. It is most ideal for construction projects, and for not fine woodworking or even furniture building.

Tongue and Groove Method - Is a bit stronger than a basic butt joint and is basically used to join two wood pieces together, end to end. In this method, however, one piece always has a protruding end (tongue) that is then inserted into the other piece's hollowed section (groove). It is often used in both fine woodworking as well as furniture building.

Dado - the procedure followed here is quite similar to that of the tongue and groove method where a piece of wood slots into a groove created at the end of the other piece of wood. It comes in handy in plywood.

Rabbet - This is a joinery method in which a piece of wood is usually connected to a four-sided backboard to eventually form a box. Just like the dado type, it's equally common with plywood joinery and cabinetry as well.

Sliding Dovetail - This joinery method is quite similar to the dado type save for the fact that it is much stronger because its slots are more triangular shaped rather than square. It's most suitable for assembling drawers.

Through Dovetail - Is undoubtedly the most preferred joinery techniques. It is created by having an avalanche of tabs along a piece of wood's edge and then slotting them together with others. It is used in building of furniture since it is such a strong joint.

What Should One Look for in a Commercial Joinery Company

As you set out to go look for the right company that could handle your projects, this would be the most likely million dollar question on your mind. A good company should be the one that is happy to meet potential customers both at home and their workplaces and show them pictures of the major projects they have handled in the past besides keeping them in the know on how their projects are going.

If your questions are not well answered by the representatives, don't hesitate to contact the management of the commercial joinery company, who should be in a better position to answer you directly. If they really want your business then they should be willing and happy to respond to all your queries and concerns. If you are not happy with their answers, then it means that you won't be probably satisfied by their joinery work as well.

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