Friday, 20 July 2012

Adding Glass - For a Touch of Class.

Glass is a wonderful medium and it will do wonders for any room of your house if you chose the right piece.

It could be singing from a sunny window sill or a centre piece in the quiet hearth throughout the warm summer
months, or sparkling from a stand in a bright sitting room or study.

The type of glass you decide to buy is all important. There is absolutely no point buying a cheap Chinese piece of tat
or some Venetian tourist trinket that are banged out of a press nineteen to the dozen. They will look exactly want they
are – cheap, factory made, mass market glass.

A real piece of art glass will not only enhance any room, it is also a great investment if well looked after. Imagine
making 15% a year on a piece of glass appreciating in value when the banks are paying next to nothing in interest.
Just remember to put it out the way when the children are young.

Top quality crystal art glass that has been hand blown by a master glass craftsman is the ultimate glass with class.
A Glass vase that has been made with real care and attention to detail is what you are seeking. Once cooled and
sat proudly on the glass studio workbench the quality will be clear immediately. It should ooze style and finesse and
be both colourful and shapely. The quality of a glass piece should scream out at you and will leave the other factory
produced glass languishing in the distance.

There are even pieces of art glass now that are an infusion of metal threads into molten glass which builds up in
layers and gives a wonderful reflective surface when finished.

An ornate glass sculpture can really make a room, drawing attention to a sunny window sill or mantelpiece. Or a large
glass vase can make a fabulous centrepiece to a large table, stand or fireplace.

A dazzling glass paperweight will enliven a dark bookshelf and an art glass crystal bowl will look so delicious on your
dining table you will be loathe to put any fruit in it.

Choose wisely and you will have a glass artwork that will add a touch of elegance to the room and give you much
pleasure over the years.

Barnaby Kirsen runs Boha Glass – an online shop specialising in hand blown art glass from Bohemia and beyond.
You can read more about glass on his blog :

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