Saturday, 14 July 2012

Avoiding Indoor Air Pollution with Clean Air Ducts

People usually associate air pollution with smog, factory emissions and exhaust from vehicles.
However, it is also possible to get air pollution indoors due to accumulation of dirt and poor air duct
maintenance. You need to get your air ducts cleaned especially if there are moulds in your cooling
and heating system, your air ducts are infested with pests and your air ducts are clogged with dust and

How does it work: air duct cleaning

Air duct cleaning is the process of cleaning of the parts of the cooling and heating system which
includes air ducts, grilles, drip pans, fans and the housing. The cleaning process is a meticulous one and
it involves plenty of procedures and equipment. Some of the paraphernalia used in cleaning air ducts
include industrial vacuum cleaners and scrubbing tools. The places where air exchange occurs is also
cleaned and sanitized.

Why clean air ducts are important?

The air quality inside your home can affect the health of all the members of your family. Accumulated
dust, dirt and debris in your air ducts can circulate around the house which can cause asthma and
trigger allergic reactions. Filthy air ducts are also perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria that
can become airborne and will eventually enter your system and cause adverse health reactions.

Proper maintenance and cleaning of heating and cooling systems can also improve the efficiency of
your home cooling and heating systems. This translates to a lower electric bill and more savings for
you. Lowering your energy consumption is also beneficial to the environment.

Selecting a professional air duct cleaning service

Experts recommend that you get your air ducts cleaned by professionals instead of doing it yourself.
When selecting a professional air duct cleaning service, do not take for granted that all professional
cleaning service providers have an idea of all there is to know about air duct cleaning. Contact several
companies and inquire about their services and the products they use and if they can give you an
estimate if they charge their clients by the hour. Ask them if they could provide you with references
from their other customers as well. Once you select your service provider, make sure that there is a
contract that states everything you and the company agreed on.

Air duct maintenance tips

Even if you get your air ducts and cooling and heating systems cleaned by professionals, you should

also do preventive maintenance so contamination, mould growth and dust and debris accumulation
are lessened. You should purchase high quality filters for your cooling and heating systems and you
need to clean and change them regularly. Make sure that the parts your cooling and heating systems are
cleaned when they undergo maintenance. Keep your home neat and regularly vacuum the floors and
the areas where dust tends to accumulate. Never let your air ducts collect moisture. Watch out for any
leaks or water damage in the duct system and have them repaired immediately. Lastly, replace old air
conditioning units and ascertain that your new one can manage condensation efficiently.

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