Monday, 16 July 2012

Prepping Up Your Bedroom With Some Summer Additions

Summer is all about fun. It is the time of the year that creates spaces for you to live leisurely. Sure you
might be thinking of crafting a long weekend and head on to the nearest lake or ocean to unwind. But,
what if you just want to enjoy some lazy summer afternoons inside your bedroom? Have you dressed
up your own retreat to complement the season? If not, this is the right time to refresh the look of your
space and let it emulate the warmth of summer. With some tweaks and addition of a few key pieces,
you are sure to have a fab bedroom that will remind you of the little pleasures that summer brings.

Add a dash of color

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your bedroom walls is one of the best ways to embrace summer. Aside
from the fact that it is an inexpensive solution, you can easily finish painting within a day or two
and be able to achieve a new looking space. Choose light colors that will give your bedroom a hint
of vibrancy. Yellows, greens and blues in lighter shades are definitely ideal selections that go well
with the season since they are reminiscent of the sun and sea. You can also never go wrong with earth
tones. Create a color scheme according to your preference and start painting your walls following your

If you are little skittish about painting your entire bedroom walls because you feel that you would be
changing your design in the future, then just paint one accent wall. To achieve the best impact, choose
the wall behind your headboard and paint it with your desired hue.

Use breezy fabrics

Your bed is certainly the very first thing that you and other people see when walking inside your
bedroom. So change the sheets and pillow covers. Opt for pieces that wick moisture away and they
should come in lively colors. Or, pull the overall look of your bedroom by picking sheets and pillow
covers that blend well with the color of your walls.

The same advise goes to your curtains, window treatments and rugs. Tuck away the heavy fabrics in
your closet and decorate your bedroom for hot summer nights by hanging two layers of sheer curtains
in complementary light hues on your windows. These curtains will not obstruct natural light and will
flutter in the summer wind. You can then place bamboo rugs on both sides of your bed for that added
summer charm.

Cool accents

Put on the glitz of summer fun to your bedroom by using cool accessories. You can hang a wind chime
from the outside eaves or inside frame of your bedroom window. The sound that your wind chime will
produce will certainly lend a soothing mood to your bedroom.

For your bedside tables, you can drape them with woven beach mats. On one table, arrange glass
candle holders of varying sizes. You can even choose to decorate the candle holders yourself. Simply
wrap each of them with decorative papyrus. Join the edges together using a double-sided tape. Then,
wrap around a length of twine or linen thread. For the other table, choose pictures of yourself and your
family during one of your summer vacations. Pick frames that adhere to your bedroom's summer theme
and arrange them accordingly.

If none of the said centerpieces appeal to your fancy, you may simply opt for small potted plants, or
pour tinted water inside a high vase and add a tropical foliage for a beautiful centerpiece.

Summer evokes both enjoyment and relaxation. Hence, your bedroom should channel these
characteristics to adhere to the season. When you are able to design your bedroom accordingly, you
will be able to drift off to sleep, dreaming of piƱa colada in hand with the sweet sound of a nearby
rolling sea and white sand between your toes.

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