Monday, 24 September 2012

How Underfloor Heating Creates a More Comfortable Home

If you are in the process of upgrading your home’s flooring in one room, several rooms or throughout the entire house, you may consider the benefit of adding underfloor heating to your upgrade and improvement efforts. This is a type of sub-flooring that serves as a heating unit that spans across the floor of your home. It can be laid in one specific area of the floor for focused heating, in a specific room like the kitchen or bathroom or across the entire home.

How Underfloor Heat Works

There are several different types of underfloor heat products that can be installed in your home. The most
common options are electric models and water-based models. They are installed as a first step in the new floor installation process before the flooring is installed. It typically works best with stone or tile flooring, but it may be suitable for use with other types of hard flooring surfaces as well. The heat is controlled with an on and off switch as well as a temperature dial. You can turn the heating system on as needed and at a desired temperature to provide heat to a localized area or throughout the entire space.

The Benefits

Underfloor heating provides you and your family with numerous benefits. It does have the ability to heat an
entire room, and its operation is generally more cost-effective than running a typical HVAC system. Because of this, you may enjoy savings in your heating bills. Furthermore, because the heating system works without the propulsion of forced air through the home, it does not affect air quality. This is an ideal way to heat a space that is inhabited by those with respiratory health issues. As a final benefit, if the heating system is installed across the entire floor, it has the ability to heat a room more evenly than an HVAC system can. You will no longer experience cold draughts or pockets of cold air in your home.

Whether your goal is reduce your home’s heating bills during the cold months, decrease energy consumption to make your home more eco-friendly or to be more comfortable in your home on chilly days, an underfloor heating system can help you to accomplish all of your goals. You can discuss the option to install this type of sub-flooring system in your home with your flooring contractor, and soon you may start enjoying all of the benefits that a underfloor system can provide to you.

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