Monday, 10 September 2012

Preparing A Property For Student Accommodation

Are you planning to let your property to students? It is certainly a grand idea for making money. But you must be aware of a few things too. Your property needs great deal of renovation so that it becomes an ideal student lodge. It is extremely important for you to realize that your property must offer the basic amenities that would ensure comfortable stay of your tenants. One more thing needs to be mentioned here. Since you have planned to lend your home to students, you need to incorporate a few extra things too. So, take a look at things you need to do for student lettings:

White washing and wall treatment

The first most vital thing you need to do is to color the walls of your home. This will impart a new look to your property. If you think that it is going to be a costly affair, you can simply white wash the walls. During the process, make it a point to seal the dents that may be present in the walls. Also remember to treat the portions of the wall where you may witness dampness or termites. When everything is done, you can be assured that your student tenants will never complain about water dripping from the ceiling or termites damaging their personal property.

Renovation of furniture

While deciding to let student tenants stay in your home, you must be aware that the furniture they will require may not be same as that of a couple or a bachelor man. So, the basic ones that you need to provide are standard sized beds, reading decks and chairs, additional sitting attachments, master cupboards, small armories and wall fitted storage compartments. It is fair enough if you already have such furniture. But in case if you do not have them then you have to ask the carpenter to make them before processing further with letting.

Lighting renovations

Since your tenants are students so your property must be such that it enjoys ample of daylight. Similarly, it must have enough arrangements of lighting during the evenings. It is needless to mention that the primary activity of your student tenants will be studying. Therefore, you have to be certain that your property serves their requirements and their studies are never jeopardized with due to insufficient light. But there are properties that do not enjoy sufficient day light. In such cases, you have to compensate it with artificial electric lights. You must also be aware that a student's room will require a few primary lights that are of high intensity, such as a table lamp, a panel tube, a couple of CFL bulbs and focus lamps. So, inspect carefully whether you already have them or need an electrician to install them before student letting.

Water supply

Water is most essential for every home. So, when a student tenant comes to hire your property he/she will certainly like to inquire about it. Therefore, have the necessary plumbing works done before to finally give your home on rent. The plumbing job will include checking the pipeline for leakages, investigating whether the exhaust pipe is working properly and installing additional taps and pipelines if needed.

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