Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Perfect Office Design

It is everyone's dream to have a peaceful and cozy office environment at their place of work. Having a well designed office can transform the look of any office, however small or big it is to a center of attraction. This is where a perfect layout chips in. Transforming an office and making it a peaceful place is an ultimate desire. However, this is easier said than done. Installing various artworks and furniture to add charm to your office requires attention to detail. However, you can achieve that desirable office design by considering the following tips.

Office shades.

Every colour has its own impact and elicits different moods. In that regard, one has to pay a lot of attention when colouring their office, lest it fails to achieve the desirable result. Unlike a residential home, an office needs to be fashioned in an official way. Sober looking colours give an office a formal look. On the same breath, a shade of bold colours may provide that trendy look. The trick is to paint the walls with lively looking colours that also blend well with the office furniture.


More often than not, the first thing that a visitor notices when they enter an office is the interior design. The type of interiors that you have in your office will reflect on the level of your professionalism. As a professional company, you should not take chances when choosing your office interior design. The failure to have striking interiors may negatively portray your office and the company in general. The reception area, for instant, has to be strategically placed and well furnished as it is here that visitors first approach. It has to be professionally designed and painted with ideal colours.

Office furniture.

This is another office design component that can either make or break the effectiveness of your office. Chairs inside the office should be well cushioned and have a formal appearance. Most importantly, the sitting place has to be kept clean and well maintained. The waiting area, for instance, should have well-placed chairs and tables. To make your guests more comfortable, you may provide reading materials like newspapers and magazines to keep them engaged while waiting to be served.

Flawless movement.

A perfect office design should take care of the movement of people in and around the office. The goal is that it should take minimal time and effort to move items from one section of the office to another. Alongside that, passageways should be wide enough to allow free movement of people on both directions without squeezing past each other.

To allow for easy interaction between office employees, there should be few barriers between different employees working in the office. In this respect, having cubicles is a wise idea than having separate offices. If the company prefers separate offices, then having glass walls would be a better choice.

Enough lighting.

Enough light not only creates an appealing environment, but it also controls the ambience and mood in the office. A well lit office looks orderly and lively. When it comes to designing an office, the best way to achieve this is to install dimmers - it makes it pretty easy for you to increase or reduce the amount of light entering the office.

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