Monday, 8 October 2012

Explaining the Digital Switchover

Technological change has warranted the move to digital TV from analogue. Digital television is being adopted in majority of homes around the world mine included. There are some places where it is government policy to change to digital technology.

It may seem new and complicated but the digital migration is easy and stress free and it is cheaper than ordinary cable television.

In some cases the old analogue signal is switched off like in the larger United Kingdom. When this happened to me, there was no need to panic; I just adjusted my TV set to accept the new signal. You can do this by doing one or more of the following:

Change the aerial

Use satellite

Cable service



The most common way is the use of antenna that can provide clear HD signal. I can connect my analogue TV to a digital converter box to receive digital programming and to enhance reception get a good digital aerial. The types of aerials you purchase allow you to receive different signals like UHF, High UHF, FM, and HD Signals. The antenna allows me to use all these signals for maximum satisfaction. They can deliver clear reception for about seventy miles without being blurred or choppy. The antenna will work well if strategically placed to receive the signal.

Signal strength

This depends on various factors like weather, terrain, location, buildings and even moving objects like worries and trucks. Be wise as you choose the ideal antenna for the you. If there is a persistent problem with the signal I could consider the following:

Change position of your antenna

Perform a channel scan

get a booster

check your connection

Ask for technical help

Changing from analogue to digital is relatively cheap compared to the expensive monthly cable rates. There are numerous advantages to digital aerials which are popularly sold under the brand name HDTV.

You can get super clear pictures with high frequency unlike with the old analogue TV which largely limited the number of channels you can use. It is very tactful to ask the vendor what channels can be seen on the antenna you choose.

There is the multiple show viewing advantage. You can pause, remind or even record the news or your favourite programme without much fuss.

The signal strength is big and gives you the feeling that you are in a movie theatre from the comfort of your home due to high picture quality.

The digital migration is largely successful due to the quality of sound and image without having to cough out so much cash.

The aerial of choice will determine to a very large extent your TV experience. If you are tired of those choppy pictures that look like they are from a seventeenth century movie, then go digital. Join the bandwagon and enjoy crisp picture and sound. Choose a strategic point to place your device and invest in a good booster for best results. You could opt to change the entire television and get a whole new model that is fully equipped to serve all your digital needs. They give you the widescreen advantage of movie theatres. You can watch multiple shows all at once so this is like music to the TV lovers of this age. If the timing if your favourite programmes criss-crosses, you can record one while you enjoy the other or watch them at once if you like. This has revolutionized the way we watch TV today and no one should be left behind.

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