Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The advantages of Solar PV

Technology is advancing every day and with the economical crisis it seems there are more and more people who are straying their attention towards Solar PV. This is actually the future for human kind and the fact is that presently, because solar energy is not used on a large scale, it's very expensive and not many people will be able to afford it. My story also begins with some very fat bills that I had to pay for my monthly electricity needs and because I didn't have a job any more and I had so many fees to pay, I was getting very scared and worried of the way I will put up with all of this and find a solution for it in the end.

Solar panels, the solution everyone has now

The fact is Solar PV can also be made by everyone who wants to do so and is very willing of making this effort. Because people know me for being an engineer and also a part of the solar panels industry they tell me it's rather easy for me to say that after I learned so many things. But it's not as hard as many people think. I have to admit though that in the beginning it was also hard for me to learn what goes where and how to assemble them together. But after I installed so many of them I decided to help others as my friend did and I came up with a course on generating Solar PV.

Saving money with solar energy

Depending on the number of solar panels people will want to install in their homes, they can save between 30 percent or even 100 percent on electricity every point. The photovoltaic solar panels are very efficient and if several of them are installed, it means that people will be able to produce so much energy, that the extra electricity they make can be sold to the electrical companies or their neighbours for extra profit.

Maintaining the solar panels

People should not worry about the fact that solar panels need a lot of maintenance. All that they have to keep in mind is to wipe them from time to time, so that dust won't settle on them. If this happens, their performance will be hindered. Generally, solar panels can help people recover their initial investment money in 5 years, but if they live in very sunny areas they can even recover their investment in as little as 2-3 years.


When people will finally get their solar panels installed, they should know that they will still need a backup electricity system in some cases, depending on the type of panels purchased and if they are able to produce enough energy in order to supply their entire home. Yet if people purchased photovoltaic solar panels and they live in an area where there is always plenty of sun, then their needs for being wired to the grid will have to be dismissed. With that being said, anyone who is tired of paying a lot of money on their electricity should just ensure they install Solar PV panels to solve this problem!

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