Friday, 19 October 2012

Plan Before Moving into a New Home

Did you buy a new home? If yes, then that's really great!! You have done a great job by choosing a valuable asset. So, how do you plan to move into this new house? You would have thought about it. Haven't you? If not then you really need to hurry.

There are many things you need to consider before moving to your new home. You need to do some good amount of planning before moving into a new house. If you don't know when and how you are going to move your belongings then you are really in a soup. Always start your planning some days in advance.

What are the things that you really need to move to your new house? You obviously can't take the false ceiling or false walls that you had designed for your old home. If your new house is a few blocks away then probably you can complete the house shifting in 1-2 days. But if its 30 miles away and you have a lot of things to be moved then even one week might not be enough.

How are you going to carry all your stuff to the new house? Hopefully you are not doing it all by yourself. You really need a reliable movers and packers service to do it for you. Choose highly professional services to ensure that your things don't get damaged. You need a well-defined plan, which must consist of all the things that need to be transferred along with the priority and schedule. Early planning will help you get the required dates from your movers and packers. Make sure to include your kid's toys amongst the priority items or else you might really face some rage.

If you are planning to stay in the new home from day one then your plan must give importance to the accessories needed to cover your daily necessities. These need to be transferred first. For instance, you need to move the beds, sofas, keys, necessary kitchen & bathroom accessories on the first day itself. You can't afford to do without your soap and razor. Can you?

Do you really need your damaged carpets and old mats? You need to decide if you are really going to use them otherwise it doesn't make sense to include them in your plan. Check how much movable furniture your old house has and whether it will really blend with the structure and decor of your new home. If you think that it really gels well then you can plan to take it with you. If you are negotiating a deal for your house then you can sell it to the buyer.

You need to identify the storage space in your new house and then decide if you really need to move certain objects. Let's say the bedroom of your old house was enormous and you had built a very large customized bed for it. The house that you are moving into has less space in the bedroom to accommodate this huge bed. In this case, shifting the bed might not be worthwhile. You can sell it and save some precious time and money.

You really need a proper plan before you move into another home.

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