Friday, 26 October 2012

Useful Tips For Maintaining Power Tools To Increase Their Life Span

Power tools play a vital role in successfully completing home improvement projects on time with the desired level of quality. If you have been providing home improvement services by executing home improvement projects, one of the first things that you need to do is to devise a plan for safely storing and maintaining the power tools.

Power tool Maintenance Tips

By properly maintaining the different power tools used in home renovation projects, the life of power tool gets enhanced considerably. In order to maintain the different power tools including the Elu power tools in good condition, there are certain regular activities that need to be performed.

1. Maintaining the power tool in a dry state

As power tools are used in different working conditions, care must be taken to prevent the moisture or liquid deposits from corroding the power tools. Whether it is the Elu power drill or the Elu power tool hammer, it has to be stored in the storage box designed for it. This would prevent the power drill from getting in to direct contact with any liquid or moisture content.

2. Regularly dusting and cleaning the power tools

Power tools need to be regularly cleaned to remove the wooden chips, the metal chips and the dust that has gotten in side the tool. Wood working Elu power tools such as the Elu planer, Elu sander and Elu saws has to be regularly cleaned to remove the wooden chips that has got collected inside the different tools. The power tools need to be disassembled and then the delicate mating parts need to be thoroughly scanned for the presence of dust and wooden chips. Similarly the metal working power tools and the drilling tools also need to be regularly cleaned. If the dust and the chips are allowed to accumulate, the performance of the power tool would get severely affected.

3. Maintaining the blades in a sharp condition

The blades of the saw and other cutting power tools need to be maintained in a sharp condition to avoid unwanted scratching and chipping of the work product being operated on. This would spoil the appearance of the end product being worked upon. The motor that drives the blade has to overwork in case of an unsharpened blade. This would ultimately affect the overall life of the motor.

4. Safely storing the power cord and the hoses

As the power tools need power cord at all points in time, the power cord has to be properly stored by coiling it carefully after each and every round of power tool operations. If the hoses and power cord are not maintained properly, they would get damaged and this would adversely affect the functioning of the power tool.

5. Oiling the Air tools

The different moving parts in the air powered tool have to be lubricated at regular intervals of time by using right quantity and grade of oil. When excess oil is used to lubricate the moving parts, the amount of sticky matter that gets formed would be considerably high. In order to follow a routine oiling schedule, you can refer to the oiling guidelines that are provided in the Elu power tools manual.

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