Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Finding the Right Interior Designer

Do you want to redo the entire decor of your living room or a bedroom, a dining arrangement, rearrange spaces or redo your bathroom or your kitchen? Entrust the work to an interior decorator to avoid design errors, ensure the timeliness and guarantee you a result according to your plans, so that you can impress your guests by arranging unique spaces.

Here's how to find and hire a good interior decorator.

1. Fix budget:
Many people think that the interior designers are only for the rich, but this is not at all true. It can come as a surprise to many, but the remuneration charged by the decorators for their services varies due to a number of factors. The charges will depend on whether it is a large and well established firm, a beginner or an individual. Before you begin, you must determine your needs, your desires and evaluate your budget. It is very important to keep a firm grip on the budget so that there enough money left with you to order splendid stuff like expensive carpets or wallpaper after giving the interior decorator's fee.

2. Determine your style:
Find the style that suits you. Visit deco lounges, check on the Internet, in magazines, books or borrow design or architecture books from your library. You might see a story about a house that was decorated by someone based in the vicinity. There will be a lot of publicity as well as tips and hints for decorating. Ask around and talk to friends, family and colleagues to see if they have any recommendations about an interior decorator who can suitably decorate your house in your style.

3. Carry out a search:
Search on the internet to find interior decorators. Also look on the websites of professional associations and with the chamber of commerce. There is a possibility that you may find somebody whose services suit your budget and style.

4. Shortlist:
Look at the websites and previous achievements of the designers to find those designers who suit your style. Check their experience, customer feedback and the way they work in the office or independent. Reduce the list of decorators to a maximum of 3-4 persons.

5. Meet the prospective designers:
Make an appointment with the 3 or 4 shortlisted designers and expose them to your project, listen to their comments and advice and do not hesitate to take ideas. Talk quickly about the budget and ask for a quote before you commit. Check whether the quote includes design, materials and workmanship. Reread the designer's commitments point by point and the list of work to be done. Make sure the turnaround is guaranteed and that the professional you hire is properly insured in case of problem.

Of course, decorating your home can be made easier by hiring an interior decorator. Remember, an interior decorator is only a partner, not a contractor. It is important for the success of the work, and absolutely vital for your satisfaction with the end result that you work together with the designer at all stages of the decoration of your house. After all, you do not want someone else's taste in decoration of your house other than yours, would you?

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