Sunday, 17 June 2012

The 8406 Diamond Core Drill

For those professionals and domestic DIY enthusiasts who are looking to make clean holes which have no breakout and no threat of cracking or bleeding into the surrounding area of the wall or surface, Makita has the answer in the form of their 8406 Diamond Core Drill.

The drill has been designed for a variety of uses and therefore comes with a variety of Makita Spares including drill bits and extensions to allow for a variety of holes and shapes at varying lengths and depths.

The Benefits of Diamond Drilling

Experts favour diamond drilling because of the efficiency and speed with which holes can be created. Depending on the particular drill in question, diamond drilling is capable of creating holes and slots from 10mm to 1m in diameter whilst depths are virtually unlimited.

Used in a variety of trades from plumbing, electrical installation and repair, engineering and general building, diamond drills are suitable for bricks, blocks, pipes and cables explaining the popularity of the practice.
Diamond drills are powered by electric or hydraulic systems and as such have a low noise and dust output. Furthermore, they are capable of being operated in horizontal, vertical and inverted positions to ensure that even the tightest of spaces and most awkward of surfaces can easily be navigated.

Many drills suffer or falter when the requirements is for a much larger hole than a single drill bit allows and a user would normally struggle with such a requirement. The benefit of diamond drilling with its speed and lack of dust is that it allows users to adopt a technique known as “diamond stitch drilling” in which a series of adjacent holes can be created to make the required size and shape of opening. This also allows a user to create a “stepped” opening where required. For example, if a large “bulb” opening with a single deep hole is required, the diamond core drill would be able to satisfy such a requirement.

The Specifics of the Makita Drill

The 8406 Diamond Core Drill from Makita is suitable for drilling into steel, wood and masonry and has various capabilities in this respect. For steel, it is capable of drilling 13mm deep, for wood there is a limit of 30mm and masonry has a limit of 20mm. It should be mentioned though that these are limitations for individual insertions and should a user wish to adopt the diamond stitch method, the drill from Makita would be capable of rising to the challenge.

For the ease of the user, the drill has a two handled design and weighs 3.5 Kilogrammes. It works on 100 volts and is powered by mains electricity meaning that it is ideal for use in domestic and professional settings.
For safety, there are standard features throughout the Makita range and in this case, the main safety feature is that the drill will immediately disengage should it become blocked or jammed.

Furthermore, as might be expected with any power tools, there are a variety of Makita spares available for additional power, ability or repair.

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