Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Why Building a Steel Garage Is a Good Option

Are you planning to add a garage in your home either for an additional vehicle or for storage purposes? A steel garage is a good option for homeowners who want to build a new garage for their homes. Steel buildings cost much less than traditional structures and offer practical design options. Building a garage out of steel is becoming a viable solution for many homeowners who need additional space and storage at home. There are many reasons why steel buildings are getting popular.


As mentioned earlier, steel garage cost much less than traditional construction. Because of its affordability, more and more homeowners opt to build additional home structures using steel. Enjoy about 40 percent less in material cost when you choose to build a steel garage compared with traditional garages. Although a steel garage maybe easy to assemble especially if you choose the simplest plan, you might still want to consider hiring a contractor. Nevertheless, the cost of building is still cheaper than using wood and other traditional types of building materials.

Flexibility, Strength And Durability

Steel buildings are definitely much stronger and offer better durability than any wood construction. You do not need extra support when using steel construction which is often required with traditional wood structures. Most often wood requires installation of additional support for better structural stability and strength. These often increase cost and construction time. Additionally, steel buildings require less maintenance yet naturally strong for long years of service while offering better protection against fire and water. Unlike wood, steel does not hold water, bend or warp. Forget about termites because your steel garage will be free from pests, fungus, and other similar problems.

Steel buildings are no longer limited to warehouses and aircraft hangars. Today, more and more people realize the many advantages of using steel in different types of construction projects.

Here are few tips on how to build your garage using steel:

• Prepare the foundation. This is a very important first step. Locate a space in your property which has a level surface and large enough to accommodate your garage plan. This should be accessible and a few distance away from other structures or power lines. Then build a floating concrete to serve as footings for the building posts.

• Build the framework. The interior frames of your steel building can be assembled near the foundation area. Beams and joints should be exactly matched and added with proper sealants to minimize water leakage.

• Setting the structure onto the foundation. This is probably the most difficult part of building a steel garage. This needs several people to do the job or better yet hire specialized equipment like a crane to make the task easier with less complication.

• Adding the final touch. The last step of building a steel garage is the installation of doors and windows. This will provide interest, beauty, and function to your new structure. It is important to hire a qualified electrician to install outlets, electrical wirings, and light to your garage.

Finally, enjoy the advantages of steel buildings right in your own property. These cost less and offer better strength, durability, flexibility, and design options.

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