Friday, 15 June 2012

The Benefits of Using Industrial Flooring in my Garage

When it comes to flooring a basement or a garage, Industrial flooring is one of the most highly recommended options for a number of good reasons. It comprises of highly resistant coatings made from epoxy that contribute in generating aesthetic finishes to the flooring. Being highly durable and resistant to abrasion, chemicals and heavy weight, they are perfectly suited to be used in garages, store rooms and places where floors are expected to be treated rather harshly compared to the other parts of the house.

Therefore, if you own a basement or a garage, irrespective of whether you intend to use your space for parking vehicles or some other purposes like kids use, office or home, Industrial painting is always going to be the best option for you that will ensure a prolonged durability which no other flooring options in the market will manage to deliver.

Floors of almost every type are more or less prone to wear and tear which in turns affects the life and style of the floors. Spilling of toxic chemicals, periodic abrasion, stains, sudden cracks and gradual wear and tear are some of the commonest issues that are found in most household. Generally, people feel that perhaps more coating is the simplest way of getting out of similar problems but that might necessarily not be the case always. However, in case of Industrial flooring, it works pretty well. Wondering why? Read below to find out what's special with industrial flooring.

Basically, industrial floorings consists of multiple layers of strong epoxy resins of different grain sizes topped with a strong sealing layer of conjugant on the base to achieve a desired thickness. They are highly impermeable and porous which eliminates the risks of water spilling through the joints as well as prevents dirt from getting settled over its surface. Not only does in help in keeping the garage clean and hygienic but at the same time, it ensures a much better durable non-slip floor surface, with high resistivity to chemicals and wear and tear.

Next, coming to the types of industrial flooring, there are numerous varieties to choose from. For instance, some of the simpler forms simply involves mixing the layers together and painting, whereas some of the upgraded ones appear like a thick mat which only needs to be rolled out on the floor of your garage. Vinyl flooring on the other hand rolls out on the surface of the floor and meshes together which gives it a virtually seamless look.

Benefits of Industrial Flooring in Garages:
Apart from the features highlighted above, here are some of the other major benefits of using Industrial flooring in garages:
Eliminates chances of concrete contamination
Can be cleaned very easily using mild detergent and water
Surface repair and restoration
Simple to install. In fact, the total installation process can be completed with ease within 2-3 hours only
Self Leveling
Highly resistant to Oil, Salt, Chemicals and Abrasion Resists tire marks
Increase light reflective
Industrial grade

Moreover, you can select and mix colors to your flooring based on your individual taste and preferences. If required, even the physical natures can be altered at the initial stage. Therefore, not only is it going to serve as a fully functional garage flooring but along with this, you will also have the chance of getting a nice contemporary dressed up look to your garage.

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