Monday, 18 June 2012

Essential Home Maintenance for All Seasons

It’s essential to keep up with repairs and preform regular maintenance on your home property. It can
seem like a daunting task if you decide to tackle everything at once. It’s a good idea to break up your
tasks by season. A few chores in the springtime will prevent anything from going wrong in the summer,
and the right maintenance projects in the summer will assure that your home will be ready come fall.
Check out this easy schedule you can follow at your home.


• Power washing house

Giving your siding a thorough power cleanse will make your home shine like new. You can rent
a pressure washer at most home improvement stores. You’ll also need solution , make sure you
test the solution on a small unseen area of your home to be sure it doesn’t bleach your siding.

• Decks clean and stain

Staining the deck in early summer is a great idea as you’ll likely be having more barbeques
and spending more time outdoors in the summer months. Choose a day with low humidity if
possible as the dry time for the stain will be greatly reduced.

• Sprinkler system

Summer is the best time to install a lawn sprinkler system. Not only will your grass benefit from
being watered regularly in the hot summer sun, but you’ll be able to relax too. No more running
around trying to attach different sprinkler heads to the end of the hose each morning and
dragging it back each afternoon.


• Energy Efficient Windows and Caulk

This is a great time to check your window seals for any drafts. Catching air leaks now will
prevent you from chill in the winter. Simply hold a candle near the window and see if it flickers
from an incoming draft. If new windows are needed, opt for energy efficient triple pane to save
on heating bills come winter.

• Check the Furnace

Have your furnace inspected and make sure that everything is running smoothing so you’re
ready when winter comes.

• Clean the Gutters

When the last of the leaves fall, clean out your gutters! Letting leaves build up can cause major
problems when ice and snow start to build on the roof. Simply cleaning them once the trees are
bare will could save you from costly roofing repairs.


• Interior Painting

Winter is a great time to get interior projects done. Painting in the winter is a good idea as the
humidity is relatively low, so the paint dries much more quickly. Give the walls a once over and
freshen up the color in the room.

• Basement refinishing

Additional living space is always a priority especially if you have a large family. Why not convert
the basement to another living room? Not only does this give your family extra space, but
should you decide to leave, the resale value of the home will increase dramatically.

• Update Fixtures

Lighting and hardware need to be updated from time to time to keep the house looking
contemporary. This isn’t something you need to do each year, but when the fixtures and
hardware in your home, especially in the kitchen, start to look dated, take a cold winter day to
spend inside to replace it.


• New Fence

Repairing or building a fence is the perfect spring home improvement activity. After a long
winter you and the family will be dying to get outside. A fence not only keeps them safe, but it
adds a cozy look to your landscape as well.

• Install Storm Windows

April showers bring flowers, but come summer, the storms will roll in. New storm doors are a
good project to work on in the spring. Preventative measures should be taken, especially if you
live in an area that gets heavy rains and storms.

• Repair cracked pavement

Best to do this sort of work before the heat kicks in. It doesn’t take long but it can be hard work,
especially in the summer heat. Getting it done before is a great way to beat the heat.

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