Saturday, 30 June 2012

The GN900SE Gas Nailer

Many people, both domestic and commercial users favour the use of a nailer because it is capable of driving a huge number of nails into a surface within a very short space of time. Because this time and number of nails far outdoes what nailing by hand would achieve.

The GN900SE Nailer from Makita is a gas nailer and has a number of features and spares which make it ideal for users from a variety of commercial and domestic backgrounds.

Safety with Nailers

One of the biggest concerns with the use of nailers is the safety of users and people in the immediate vicinity of their use. It is not unusual to see statistics on injuries caused by power tools and nailers are frequently at the top of the lists. It is also not uncommon for the injured party to be a bystander or colleague of the user.

The largest reason for the frequency of injuries is similar to the aspect which makes it so efficient for use and is attributed to the alternative name for nailers which is “nail gun”. Although the term might sound overly stated, the velocity with which the nailer can fire out nails is very similar to the way a gun fires out bullets and as such their use is only recommended by those with the ability and common sense to recognise the danger and power of the tool.

Whereas a hammer needs to use a series of blows in order to knock the nail into the required surface, a nailer uses compressed air to propel the nail in using a single blow. Although this ability is perfect for precision and speed which is often needed by a professional, it can also cause problems as a user has no opportunity to correct a mistake and it can often be the case that if the nail does not meet immediately with a suitable surface, it will continue to fire until it reaches a surface to adhere itself to.

Further safety advice is the recommendation that users equip themselves with eye and ear protection as the machines can be extremely loud when firing.

The GN900SE

This specific machine from Makita Spares is a gas nailer. This means that it uses flammable gas in order to propel the nail into the desired surface. The power is derived from a tiny canister of flammable gas which is drawn into the cylinder and then detonated much in the same was as a combustion engine.

The GN900SE has a magazine capacity of 44 nails, an angle capability of 94 degrees and a weight of 3.5 kilogrammes. It has been designed in such a way that it can be used over long periods of time as the user requires or dictates. Furthermore, it can also be fully recharged within 30 minutes.   

Fans of tools from Makita enjoy the ability of using their tools for long periods of time and expect them to last and rise to any challenge. For this reason, the GN900SE is sold in partnership with a variety of Makita spares.

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