Saturday, 23 June 2012

The 9556PB 100mm Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is a machine traditionally used for cutting, grinding, polishing and sanding. Whilst it is traditionally used for cutting stone and metal, it has the versatility to adapt to a variety of surfaces and materials.

Because of the various roles the grinder is capable of performing, it is ideal for use in a variety of settings and the 9556PB from Makita spares is no exception. Favoured by professionals and domestic users who seek to smooth surfaces for ease, safety and decoration, it has the versatility and ability to make it an essential part of any tool kit.

About Angle Grinders

There are traditionally two forms of grinders: heavy and light. From 100 – 115mm, the smaller grinder is traditionally lightweight and easy to use one handed. The heavier options which can stretch to 230mm can be more difficult to use and as such should always be operated with two hands. The 9556PB from Makita spares is in the lightweight category but this rather unflattering description has no bearing on its’ abilities.
It is often seen that the main limitation on the smaller grinder is that the depth of cut may be limited. In the case of the 9556PB, a rotation speed of 11,000rpm quickly dispels any concerns that the tool may not be able to handle tougher jobs.

As a result of this high power and ability, extreme caution should be applied whenever it is in use. It goes without saying that 11,000rpm could cause an extremely pleasant injury to any user and although the tool itself might not be considered to be as dangerous as a saw, there is still a great deal of power to contend with. In addition to caution, users are recommended to use ear protection, gloves and eye protection. The largest reason for the eye protection is from the sheer amount of dust the machine is capable of producing. Although many users choose to situate their machinery outside, stockists and manufacturers stress that any use of the machines should be in a well ventilated area only.

A further recommendation, especially when working with metal is to use heavy duty protective clothing such as a leather apron or protective suit. Further considerations when working with metal are to ensure a lack of flammable materials as the sparks falling from the grinder and metal could easily cause a fire should they land on the wrong surface.

The Makita Machine

The 9556PB 100mm from Makita is a purposefully designed powerful grinder which is suitable for use in a variety of settings and capable of being used on a wide range of materials. It is favoured by professionals and domestic users as a result of its vast capabilities and user-friendly design.

It has been ergonomically designed to allow for easy grip and comfort for the user and with a weight of only 1.6 kilogrammes, it lends itself easily to extended use or larger projects. With a number of safety features such as a cut off valve, it is the ideal tool whatever the use in mind.

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