Tuesday, 14 August 2012

3 Popular Styles of Blinds for Your New Home

People who are moving to a new home have a lot of things to do. There may be some household
goods that cannot fit in the new place. Leaving them in a self-storage unit can make moving
more convenient. With this, they can ensure the security of their things no matter how long they
keep them at the facility. They may also leave their old blinds there and decide to buy something
more suitable for their new place.

Blinds can create a whole new look in a room. They come with different colors, designs and
materials. Choosing the best blinds can improve the statement of quality in a home. Mini blinds
are a common style of blinds, and they are becoming more popular now. These blinds can be
made of aluminum, vinyl or even expensive wood. They can effectively block the sun’s rays.

Other popular styles include Roman blinds. They are a classy and elegant type of window
covering that can be combined with curtains. This combination creates a sophisticated layered
look. Roman blinds look best when they are made with light materials. With this, homeowners
can use a lining.

Meanwhile, wood blinds are homeowner favorites because of their versatility. Wood blinds made
of teak or oak bring warmth to every room. However, they are more expensive than other styles
of blinds. Bamboo blinds are also a great alternative to wood blinds. Getting a new home can be
very costly, and improving its looks can also be expensive. Installing new blinds is a great starter
home-improvement project.

On the other hand, new homeowners who do not find blinds suitable for their homes may opt for
pull down shades. These window coverings provide the same beauty and softness as curtains.
With this, homeowners no longer need to use a combination of blinds and curtains. Pull down
shades can stand alone. In addition, shades come with different features and designs. New
homeowners will be surprised by the number of options they have. This may include roller
shades, Roman shades, pleated shades and hard window shades.

New homes that do not look good with either blinds or shades may have shutters installed.
These window coverings outperform both blinds and shades when it comes to quality and the
personality they give to the new house. Shutters can change the overall mood of the house. They
do not only add to its beauty. They also provide protection against the bright light outdoors. Most
importantly, these shutters can be custom made. With this, new homes can always get shutters
that will boost their indoor beauty.

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