Wednesday, 8 August 2012

How to Transform your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most important features of your home, regularly used by
everyone and frequently seen by guests.

But is it letting you down? Are tired tiles and a drab design ruining our bathroom?

Here are some top tips on making sure your bathroom stays bang on trend.

1- Build up a plan.
Magazines, TV programmes and showhomes are all filled with the latest styles in
bathroom decorating. Use this to get ideas before you start your renovation. Many
people find it useful to cut out images they like and use them as an base for their

1 – The plumbing.
Stylish fitted bathroom suites are becoming more and more affordable so having
the suite of your dreams is closer than you think. Maximise the available space
in a small bathroom by having a pedestal-free sink fitted to allow storage space
underneath and a combination shower/bath maximises both space and gives you
more freedom. Make sure you chose a colour which will not date quickly, pink
and green suites tend to fade quickly, while classic porcelain white is always in

2 – To tile or not to tile.
Deciding whether or not to tile can be difficult, it is an expensive and laborious
task – especially if you decide to do it yourself. In a smaller bathroom, choosing
to tile the entire room can sometimes be a mistake as it can make it seem smaller.
A current trend is just to tile splash-back areas, i.e. around the bath/shower and
behind the sink, then using a high-quality, water-resistant paint on the rest of the
room. This has a number of benefits 1 – a reduction in cost, 2 – the tiles will be
less overpowering in the room, so the braver decorator could use brigher, more
vibrant tiles and 3 – it is less time consuming to fit.

3 - Design accents
Pick a colour theme for your bathroom and follow it through the room, by towels
and toothbrush holders that match features in your tiles. Add plants and candles to
give your bathroom an extra luxurious feel.

4 – Themes
Many people choose to theme their bathroom i.e. using nautical colours and shells
to give a seaside theme, this can look good as long as it is not overdone. Make
sure to plan any theme like this before starting, a half-completed room can look as
bad as one which has not been decorated at all.

5 – Enjoy

Above all things, your bathroom is somewhere you can relax and pamper
yourself, so make sure you have a room that is just right for you.

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