Sunday, 12 August 2012

Enviro Mulch

What is it? It’s the matter that is most often seen covering soil for landscaping purposes. It helps
to retain moisture, suppress weeds and regulate soil temperature. Organic mulch can be made
up of grass clippings, hay, straw, shredded bark, recycled wood chips, animal manure and even
old newspaper. Enviro mulch. on the other hand is a type of mulch that is made up of wood
chips from old wood, whether it be boxes, crates or pallets. Enviro mulch is a popular choice
over other types of mulch because it is environmentally friendly, relatively inexpensive and has
many aesthetic qualities.


  • Enviro Mulch acts as a fantastic weed barrier since it deprives the weeds of the sunlight they require to germinate, inhibiting them from settling into your garden. Mulch also creates a ‘roof’ for your soil, preventing any weed seeds from landing, and growing in your garden. Weeds won’t even be able to come in contact with the soil if there’s a nice thick layer of mulch!
  • Enviro Mulch helps soil retain a consistent amount of moisture by regulating the amount of water absorbed. When plants get dehydrated or over-hydrated, they get stressed and stressed out plants never grow. Mulch will keep your plants strong and resistant to disease and insects.
  • If your garden is located in hot, dry weather, Enviro Mulch will cool things down. Not only will the soil be consistently moist, but your garden beds will be cooler. Hot plants tend to wilt and die, but a nice layer of mulch will ensure that your soil stays cool and damp.
  • Organic Enviro Mulch feeds your soil the nutrients it needs to thrive. The organic matter breaks down over time, adding rich organic nutrients to the soil. Earthworms love mulch, and together they will break down matter to create healthy, long lasting soil.
  • Enviro mulch is essentially wood chips that come from any wood waste. Enviro mulch breaks down like organic mulch does, and has great aesthetic appeal. Enviro mulch tends to break down about 30% slower than shredded bark, which means it holds its colour and shape in your garden for longer. Enviro mulch comes in a variety of colours designed to suit any unique garden.


Adding Enviro mulch to your garden is easy! Simply plant, apply a 2-4 inch layer of
Enviro mulch, and gently rake for an even surface. Be careful not to pile up mulch under each
plant! Creating a little space between the plant and the mulch will avoid too much moisture
being retained right next to the plant which could cause it to rot. Replenishing your mulch so
there is always at least a 2 inch layer will prevent weeds from growing, and ensure that the soil
stays moist.

It is important to use Enviro mulch if you are trying to establish new plants in new or
existing garden. New plants can go through a period of shock if they are introduced to a new
environment, particularly one with no existing root system. The best time to mulch is right after
planting, so the roots can start taking in moisture right away.

The beauty of Enviro mulch is it breaks down gradually and becomes a layer of rich
topsoil for plants and trees to thrive in. You’ll enjoy less watering, less maintenance and more
time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your mulch’s labor! To learn more about envrio-mulch visit

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