Friday, 17 August 2012

Tips on Refurbishing your Office

The environment that you work in is very important. If you are working in an environment that is need of repair of refurbishment, it can have an effect on how the workers feel. Do you realize that people who work in a shabby or outdated office can feel unappreciated and uncomfortable, and that may have effect the way they work? If you work in an office that is in serious need for refurbishment, you may want to have a talk with your boss. Here are some tips on refurbishing your office that you can tell your boss and convince him or her that this is something that can be a benefit to everyone who works there.

The ceiling

Do you have a regular ceiling? If the ceiling in your office is the standard kind, then now may be a good time to look into a suspended ceiling. A good reason to change to a suspended ceiling is that it'll save money on your energy bills. An office is also easier to both heat and cool if the ceiling is suspended. What could be better for the comfort of your workers then a cool room in the summer and a warm room in the winter?


It may be time for all of the people in your office to get their own space. By adding partitions, you give workers their own mini office in which they can have privacy, and decorate it with things like pictures of their family. Imagine how morale in the office will grow if people have their own little space in which to call their own?


Do you have a small area in which workers can relax? Studies have shown that when there is a little "rest area" set up in an office, people tend to feel more at ease and work better. Imagine taking a break and going to sit on a big plush couch with thick cushions? Wouldn't you feel better knowing you can go unwind by sitting on a big comfortable couch with your feet up?

Storage space

Is your current office full of clutter? You might want to consider adding some places for storage. Adding a few big storage cabinets in a space away from your workers will give them more space and things will be much more organized.


It may be time to retire those overhead fluorescent lights and opt instead for more natural light. Instead of having big ugly walls everywhere, try knocking down a few and installing big windows that will allow natural light to fill the office. Studies have proven that being able to see outside can help make the workers feel less stressed.

Working in an office doesn't have to be a chore if you can convince your bosses that it may be time to get the office refurbished. Sometimes an office is starting to get old and there's such things as cracked walls and worn out carpeting. Refurbishing your office is the perfect way to add life to your office and to make the morale of your office workers go through the roof.

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