Friday, 10 August 2012

Use your Orangery to Get the Most Out of a Rainy Summer

So far this year, we’ve seen a fair deal of poor weather in the UK. While we may
have seen a few glorious days of sunshine, they have been few and far between.
Instead, replaced by torrential rain and even unprecedented storms. The state of
the English summer is on everybody’s lips, this year more than ever. As we look
for ways to lift our spirits, looking to our gardens may not be everyone’s first
thought as the rain lashes down. However there are ways to enjoy the outside
world, come rain or shine, and that is with a luxurious home orangery.

Like conservatories, orangeries allow us to bridge the gap between inside and
out - bringing elements of the outside world in to our homes, and bringing
aspects of our home in to the garden. With this in mind, we can still enjoy the
scenic views our gardens have to offer, sitting comfortably dry in a beautiful
orangery. In fact, many people admit to finding the sound of rain above their
heads soothing, just as long as they aren’t getting wet.

Our mixed climate can even be seen as an advantage to garden lovers. The
English climate gives us the chance to grow some exceptional plants in our own
gardens, more so than in those more typically desired tropical locations. While
our neighbours on the continent may get more annual sun, they don’t have
the rainfall and conditions needed to grow such a wide variety of plants. Now
typically you may wonder ‘what is the point’? when the strong likelihood of rain
prevents us from getting out in the garden to enjoy such scenery? Well with your
own orangery you can sit back and enjoy these plants, even if it is raining.

The design of traditional orangeries are specifically built to maximize natural
light anyway. With their large glass window and roof panels they focus
what sunlight there is in order to fill the space. This allows you to enjoy the
substantial daylight of the summer months, while blocking out the rain. There
are also many window options such as double glazing that help to keep heat
inside and block cold air from entering. This means that even in poor weather
your orangery offers comfort and warmth. It can even reduce the noise of rainfall
which many can find distracting.

So instead of complaining about the rain this summer, why not take measures
to enjoy the summer as much as you can with the construction of a brand new
orangery? It is the best solution for enjoying the outside world, come rain or

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