Thursday, 2 August 2012

Redecorating the Home By Using Things for Different Purposes

Making home improvements may seem out of reach when you’re living on a budget. However, there
are many ways to change the look and feel of your home without spending any money at all. By using
things you already have around the house, you can update your decor with unique home accents.

Beautify the Bookshelves

Chances are you have a cluttered bookshelf or two in your home. Whether you love the classics or
prefer contemporary literature, book collections have a way of outgrowing shelf space. Instead of trying
to squeeze another shelving unit into your living room or bedroom, make the most of what you have by
looking at the books as decorations as well as good reading. Try rearranging volumes by height or color.
Stack some horizontally rather than placing everything side by side, or alternate large and small books
for an eye-catching change.

Bookshelves also make great places to display your favorite decor items. If you have knickknacks, flower
arrangements or treasured photos that have been sitting in the same places for ages, make space for
them on the bookshelves to break up the rows of volumes. You can even use large knickknacks as
unique bookends.

Make Use of Glassware

Everyone has an empty bottle or two on hand. You might also have some old cups, glasses or mugs that
are taking up cabinet space. Gather these together and see what various shapes, sizes and colors you
have. Pick out your favorites to use as unique decorations.

Bottles with thin necks make great candle holders for funky drip candles or traditional tapers. If you
prefer the look of flowers, use bottles as vases or get some inexpensive cloth flowers and create an
arrangement that will last for years. Tall glasses make lovely vases as well, and even mugs can be used
to hold small arrangements of your favorite wildflowers during summer months.

Turn shallow cups and glass mugs into interesting accent pieces by placing a layer of marbles, stones or
even dried beans at the bottom and tucking a brightly colored votive candle inside. Or layer different
colors of your chosen materials for an eye-catching effect.

Get Crafty

Don’t throw out those scraps of yarn or bits of fabric and paper left over from past craft projects. They
can be used to dress up common household items. Collect a few different materials in contrasting
colors, grab some craft glue and try some of these fun projects:

• Turn an old lampshade into a beautiful collage

• Glue buttons, small toys, or pieces of old wallpaper along shelves in a child’s room

• Deck out large frames with accents that complement the pictures or paintings inside

• Grab a big flowerpot, give it a crazy design, turn it upside down and use it as an accent table

Budget restrictions don’t have to keep you from having a beautiful home. Simply taking stock of what
you have on hand can turn up all kinds of interesting decor ideas that won’t cost you a penny.

Trevor Price is a writer and marketer for Sunburst Shutters. When he’s not writing Trevor enjoys reading
and the outdoors. Connect with Trevor on Google +. Sunburst Shutters has built shutters and custom
window coverings for customers across the United States since the 1970’s.

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